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European Championships 2012


Accommodation and meals


Thanks to our sponsors and partners we can offer a special deal to our guests - both players and their supporters.

Do not miss your chance to get very good 3*** accommodation and free transportation to and from OSC, the venue of European Championships 2012!

Prices are starting from 13 EUR per person per night (26 EUR for 2 persons) and this includes:
-) Accommodation in Western European quality standard Twin room (for 2 persons) with own WC/shower, TV and WIFI available;
-) free transfer in the mornings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday from hotel to the venue (OSC);
-) free transfer in the evenings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the venue (OSC) to hotel.

Price does not include any meals.

Besides Twin rooms (TWN - for 2 persons) there are available also SNG (single room), Family 3 or Family 4 rooms (Family room has 1 double bed (for 1 or 2 persons) and 2 single beds).

Here is full price set up (click to enlarge):

Accommodation is provided by DODO Hotel.

Regular internet price for Twin or Single room in a summer time (high season) at this hotel is 39 EUR per night. Number of Family rooms is limited.
Regular (public) transportation between hotel and the venue would cost you 5.7 LVL (~8 EUR) if you buy 3 days ticket.



There are 2 options for breakfast:
1) In DODO hotel (price is 5 EUR or 3.5 LVL if booked with room or 6 EUR if you decide to pay right before eating). Available during your stay at hotel.;
2) In OSC , the venue (price is 3 EUR or 2 LVL). This will be available all 3 tournament days.


Lunch menu set will be available all 3 days. Price is 4 EUR or 2.5 LVL per one set. This will include soup, chicken/pork with potatoes, side salad, souse and drink.


Dinner menu set will be available all 3 days. Price is 3 EUR or 2 LVL per one set. This will include fish/meat with rise/pasta/potatoes, side salad, souse and drink.

All meals have to be pre-ordered and payed at registration where you will receive meal tickets!

OSC's restaurant will serve people with European Championships 2012 meal tickets in separate line!
Hotel booking and ordering of meals should be done by e-mail lghf@galdahokejs.lv

Download this form to make ordering more easily!