European Championships 2012


About Result sheets

During individual tournaments every player will receive his/her own individual result sheet, like you can see on picture below (click to enlarge).

This is not the official result protocol!

Individual sheet should be used for:
a) To locating place where player have to play at corresponding rounds (every table hockey place will have unique number from 1 to 60);
b) To help players to follow up his/her own results and points.

This is very important because every player have to check own results at the end of every tournament's group/division stage.

There will be printed version of cross table printed and posted on info wall. The same time 10 minutes countdown will start for reporting mistakes found.

This means that no changes will be possible after this time runs out!
Even in case if mistake was made while entering result into the computer!

The official result protocol is group result sheet. There will be 1 or 2 official group protocols per every group during individual tournaments. In most cases every group will be split into 2 group protocols to make result writing faster- less waiting time at protocol, more time to rest and prepare for the next game.

Group protocols will be located not at end of groups as usually, but in the middle.

According to the Tournament Rules "Players must accurately record the score of their match and accurately report it to the scorer's table. Each result must be written on the official sheet no later than before the next round begins. The winner of the match is responsible for writing the result. If the game ends in a draw then it is up to both players to make sure that the result is written and that it is recorded correctly.
If a player doesn't submit the result, the scorekeeper can request the result during the next round (even while playing). If the scorekeeper can not find the result (or if the players don't want to tell it, or both players can not be found) then the match will not count for both players."

See example of group result sheet! (click to enlarge)

Winner next to his/her name puts also mark to indicate winner of the game. A number in a box next to players name have to show how many goals he/she scored.

Important! If you won game, but wrote down it wrongly in group result sheet, this could lead to awarding win to your opponent!