European Championships 2012


Some things to remember during tournament

Here are some things to remember during tournament:

- Do not forget to write down your game result!

Tournament Rules says:
"Players must accurately record the score of their match and accurately report it to the scorer's table. Each result must be written on the official sheet no later than before the next round begins. The winner of the match is responsible for writing the result. If the game ends in a draw then it is up to both players to make sure that the result is written and that it is recorded correctly.
If a player doesn't submit the result, the scorekeeper can request the result during the next round (even while playing). If the scorekeeper can not find the result (or if the players don't want to tell it, or both players can not be found) then the match will not count for both players."

There will be 1 or 2 official group protocols per every group during individual tournaments.

More about official group protocols you will find here.

- Do not leave before final standings are published!

"No result can be changed after the group stage is done, unless there was a scoring mistake while entering the results into the computer. If any player claims such mistake, then the organizers must provide to him or to her the official score sheet for review. Claims about scoring mistakes must be reported promptly after publishing final results. Organizers should announce the deadline for reporting mistakes found in official results."

After the end of every tournament stage there will be printed version of cross table printed and posted on info wall. The same time 10 minutes countdown will start for reporting mistakes found.

This means that no changes will be possible after this time runs out!
Even in case if mistake was made while entering result into the computer!

Every player at every stage of individual tournament will have his/her individual results sheet. This sheet will not be official document, but will help players to follow up his/her own results and points.
More about individual result sheets you will find here.

- Play-offs

Individual play-off series will be best of 7 (until one players wins 4 times).

All play-off series will have also the Bronze match series.

- Teams

a) Every Team (also Ladies/Junior/Veteran Teams) have to nominate team's Captain before play-off stage starts.

If any team match ends with a draw during the play-off then no overtimes take place, but a "captain's match" will be held.

b) Team's roster can be filled up during tournament, e.g. team do not need to name all 10 (or 5 for Ladies/Junior/Veteran Teams) players from very start.

c) There will be no player changes possible during rounds, e.g. in a game where TeamA plays against TeamB all games are played by the same 5 (or 3 for Ladies/Junior/Veteran Teams) players nominated for Round 1.